This page is dedicated to final project outputs from my time at Selkirk College’s GIS and Integrated Environmental Planning Programs.


The following link is a Wildfire Time Series created for my web mapping course. It focuses on the year 1930-2018. You can play the time series, or move the time slider manually to focus in a certain years. Be sure to zoom in to an area that interests you to see how wildfire has affected it and allow a few minutes for the large dataset to load.


As part of my Remote Sensing course, I completed an analysis for the Slocan Lake Research Center. The purpose of this study was to identify exposed bedrock in the valley for further studies of the geological and ecological function in the valley. Below is the output of a Support Vector Machine Classification followed by the final raster calculator output.


Advanced analysis final project – This study utilized the new Space Time Pattern Mining toolbox from ArcPro to analyze crime data in Greater Victoria BC, from 2011 until early March 2019. To better understand how crime affects the region, and to ensure resources are adequately distributed, tools such as the “Visualize Time and Space 3D” and “Emerging Hotspot Analysis” were used. The results of this study produced 3D representations of the criminal incidence at six month intervals, covering 273 m2 blocks. There are some noticeable consistent problem areas in the downtown area. It is noteworthy to mention that the police station is situated close to this area. The results of the Emerging Hotspot Analysis are 49 trending hotspots of 667 time steps. There were no “new” hotspots identified though Intensifying hotspots are the most prevalent. Following those results are consecutive, persistent and sporadic trends, respectively. These trending hotspots are also located in the downtown region of the city. Further, there are no trending cold spots.

The Identification of emerging trends can be used across the board in all areas of study to understand areas that need more resources, or those where previous efforts have been successful. This new toolbox offers a powerful collection of tools that can be used to examine complex data trends that occur over time and space.


Esri offers many great online tutorials. The following is a Cartographic Creation from an Esri course about Bombing Missions in the Vietnam War.


The RDKB requested a network analysis of their solid waste collections routes to improve the efficiency of their collection routes. Below is the output from this project completed as the Integrated Environmental Planning research project.


GIS Day 2018 Sustainability Poster Session

This poster features sustainable travel in BC, by electric vehicle. As you can see, most of BC in reachable by EV, except for the northern regions.